Fujitsu New Zealand Ltd. Forges Partnership with Original Software

17th Apr 2014: Chooses new automation product to drive growth of testing services. Read the press release.

Agile testing secrets

Are you moving to agile but unsure how QA and testing should respond? Testing within the iteration, collaboration between IT and the business, and project visibility and reporting - read more about Agile testing or request our famous Agile testing best practice poster.

Agile testing secrets

Why use a Test Center

Center of excellence. What a phrase. The NASA Space Center has truly been a center of excellence, making its reputation not only from its successes but for the manner in which it reacted to failure. It is therefore hard to argue with the creation of Testing Centers of Excellence. Or is it? Read the Testing Center of Excellence blog.

Nasa Testing Center of Excellence

Retailers IT Minefield

Tech disasters can cost retailers dearly. You can’t put a price on the investment of spending time thinking new technologies through and ensuring that all bases are covered when the button is pressed and these new applications go live. Retailers, tread carefully. Read the Retailers IT Spending Minefield blog.

Retailers IT Minefield

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