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By Failing to Prepare you are Preparing to Fail

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin’s wise words may be almost 300 years old but would a 21st century project manager take issue with them?

IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries) Remains the Server of Choice


The IBM iSeries remains the server of choice for many companies but fails as the platform to support a digital presence.

The IBM System i star is falling, but it still burns bright


The IBM System i star may have dimmed a little in recent years, but it remains a key platform for many companies. How are you managing your upgrade or patch?

Code Freeze Gives Retailers Time to Change


This time of the year is probably the best opportunity you will get to consider and make changes to the way you deliver applications to the business in the future.

Black Friday and the Big Christmas Retail Code Freeze

Thin Ice

Retailers can’t afford for their applications and websites to fall over at this most crucial revenue generating time. Learn how to avoid thin ice over the holidays.

When unconscious mis-selling can land insurers in regulatory hot water

Hot Water

Regulators do not shy away from handing out heavy fines for mis-selling, which is happening a lot in the insurance industry. Get web compliance on the agenda.

Customer Spotlight: Ensuring a High-quality, Low-risk SAP Upgrade for Marston’s

Marstons Pedigree

Marston’s had a complex SAP environment. The cost and disruption of keeping core applications stable and up-to-date has been radically reduced.

The Mystery of HMRC and the Faulty Tax Statements

Tax Papers

Another HMRC IT glitch hits the headlines. The latest involves erroneous tax calculations being sent to up to five million people.

The £23.7 billion cost of a return flight


Pity that a poor customer who recently tried to book flights to Portugal on the eDreams website only to find they were going to cost a gargantuan £23.7 billion. This massive overcharge was a data validation error or a coding bug.

Insurers Can Lower Their Risk with Better Software Testing


Storm clouds are gathering on the horizon, but the risk to insurers is not property damage. Are you well prepared?


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