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The Mystery of HMRC and the Faulty Tax Statements

Tax Papers

Barely a tax quarter seems to pass without another HMRC IT glitch hitting the headlines. The latest involves erroneous tax calculations being sent to up to five million people.

The £23.7 billion cost of a return flight


Pity that a poor customer who recently tried to book flights to Portugal on the eDreams website only to find they were going to cost a gargantuan £23.7 billion. This massive overcharge was a data validation error or a coding bug.

Insurers Can Lower Their Risk with Better Software Testing


Storm clouds are gathering on the horizon, but the risk to insurers is not property damage. Three major technology trends are converging on the insurance industry and could spell crisis for corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

Better Software Testing Can Quell the “Omnichannel Frenzy” for Retailers

Retail Shopping

In a commentary for Retail Gazette earlier this year, guest columnist Kate Barron wrote that the “growth of the internet, social media and mobile technology” has driven retailers into “omnichannel frenzy.”
Further, retail professor, Gino Van Ossel, declared that retailers who fail to adopt an omnichannel approach are “digging their own graves.”

A Helpline for Service Desks

SlidingMind Logo

Sliding Mind Software a subsidiary of Original Software are the creators of TrackPath, an innovative solution that addresses the challenges in the capture and reporting of post-deployment application errors. The return on investment can be amazing, see for yourself, watch the TrackPath video.

Multichannel Merchant – QA Testing Technology is Key for Seamless Integration


Retailers and software merchants who release new applications and updates too fast with defects and gremlins could easily damage a company’s reputation. What can you do to manage the risks? Read the Multichannel Merchant article.

The Grocer: Original Software helps drive growth of online


The Grocer is the UK’s leading source of information in the FMCG market. In a recent feature about The Grocer Gold Awards, the judges stated their reasons for selecting Original Software as winner of the Technology of the Year category. They were impressed with testimonials from Original Software’s clients including the Co-operative Food Group, Marston’s and Coca-Cola, which said Original Software saved them “many hundreds of man hours” while providing them with assurances that the system was glitch-free “to a level just not possible manually.” The judges agreed that Original Software excelled at making sure their clients don’t come unstuck in the process of keeping up with the rapid pace of online growth.

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Today’s “Hyperconnected” Economy Creates an Agility Imperative for Retailers

We have been outnumbered for years now, with little hope of ever catching up. Not by competing nations or companies, but by billions of devices we can hold in our hands.

The number of internet-connected devices first outnumbered the human population in 2008, and their numbers have been growing much faster than the human population ever since.

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Software Testing News: “QA – the Yawn Function of IT?”


Given the mission critical role they play, it’s odd that testing and QA are perceived in some quarters as little more than a necessary evil. Do you agree? Read the Software Testing News article.

Latest Release of Qualify AQM Solution

Original Software is excited to announce the latest release of Qualify, our industry-leading application quality management (AQM) solution.

The upgrade enhances the ability of project and test managers to optimize testing activities in real time and meet project objectives with the most efficient use of resources.

Gathering data and creating reports and dashboards manually is time-consuming and prone to data aging.

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