Manual Testing

Speed up Your Manual Testing

Manual testing is here to stay

Most agree, 100% test automation is not normally achievable, and whatever level you hope to achieve, you still have to get there from a manual testing start.

With manual testing representing such a significant share of testing effort, it can often be a bottleneck. The usual response to this issue is to throw more resources at the problem, but this isn’t sustainable and suffers from declining ROI. TestDrive-Assist is our solution that delivers practical and immediate benefit, enabling the transition from manual testing into test automation quickly and easily.

Click here to try our Manual Testing Cost Saving Calculator!

Click here to try our Manual Testing
Cost Saving Calculator!

Software test automation has the potential to radically improve productivity and reduce the reliance on manual software testing. However, studies show that successful test automation has only been achieved where applications are stable. Traditional tools have failed to have an impact due to their complexity and inability to deal with applications that change regularly. TestDrive is our Automated Software Quality (ASQ) solution that addresses these limitations to achieve rapid test automation. It is designed to test browser and legacy applications, as well as GUIs, including Java™, Ajax, Flex® and Silverlight®. TestDrive and TestDrive-Assist form a powerful solution to accelerate quality processes and increase software test coverage.

Remove Your Manual Testing Bottlenecks

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TestDrive-Assist for manual testing provides two key elements, offering practical and immediate benefit. Firstly, the results of manual tests are automatically documented in detail for defect diagnosis or re-use purposes, removing the tedium of manual screen prints. Secondly, we allow the transition from manual testing into automation by converting manual results into automated test scripts. This approach has shown to cut up to half the time spent in manual software testing and provides a fast start to automation.

Increase Your Test Coverage

With the bulk of testing still carried out manually, it’s not surprising that organisations have low levels of test coverage and throughput. Using a solution that makes defect capture faster provides more time to increase the test coverage. In addition, the process captured from the manual test feeds and automation test and further increases coverage in shorter timescales. Increased coverage will eliminate more errors, improving the quality of your applications and increasing business satisfaction.

Capture Business Knowledge During Exploratory Testing

Why let your manual testing efforts go to waste? Our dynamic manual testing solution can capture everything that your users are doing. Every mouse click, every submission made during a test is recorded and documented as a script, which can then feed your next testing cycle. In addition, TestDrive-Assist creates valuable documentation that can be used for training, business process documentation and the solution as a whole is a wonderful way to carry out and document your exploratory testing.


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