Corporate Compliance for Software Quality

Ensure Your Organisation Adheres To Regulatory and Audit Measures with Minimum Fuss

Corporate compliance measures such as FDA, FSA, Sarbanes-Oxley and others affect almost all organisations. Such regulations can be burdensome for IT departments. But with the correct process in place you could ease the burden, whilst at the same time save time and money.

An inevitability of corporate compliance is that a company has to make changes to its core IT systems, the ones it relies upon for its corporate records and key management processes and reports. By changing core systems you are obviously putting your IT infrastructure at risk. During such change how do you guarantee the stability and reliability of the core systems?

The simple answer is that your company has to develop its own IT best practice methodology, a QA plan that formalizes how your company handles changes to software systems. This means that, for every system change, you have to be able to show what was tested, how it was tested, who it was tested by, what the results of those tests were, how any defects were handled and re-tested, and how the software was released into the live environment.

Sounds cumbersome, doesn’t it?

But it doesn’t have to be. Original Software can show you how a properly implemented and executed QA plan can not only improve software quality and contribute substantially towards your corporate compliance objectives. It can actually reduce the costs of testing your software and still increase test coverage.



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TestBench can dramatically simplify the process of creating and extracting data subsets from your live database, with great efficiency, full referential integrity and no programme complications. There is also data maintenance and manipulation capabilities and extraction reports for auditing.

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Meeting Strategic IT Challenges Through Improved Software Quality

In this whitepaper you will discover how you can improve corporate compliance, reduce the testing bottleneck and enjoy significant tangible business benefits that come with software quality.

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View our Quality Assurance Videos where you can check as we build a regression test from scratch, run the test, change the application and re-run the test. All without touching the code and completed in a matter of minutes. See for yourself: Quality Assurance Videos.


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