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Our comprehensive SAP ERP testing solution gives you the confidence that your SAP ERP application will support your business exactly as required from the day of go-live.

Whether you are installing, upgrading or enhancing SAP, Original Software provides the most efficient way of validating that it correctly supports all your mission critical business processes.

I would recommend this as great way to accelerate an upgrade. It keeps costs down, enables business and project people to spend less time in manual validation, and focuses effort on areas of change. It has reduced risk for Marston’s.

Phil Court, Head of Information Systems, Marston’s

The whole exercise went incredibly smoothly. At this stage 60% automation is good, but we actually expect it to be closer to 80% at the conclusion of the project.

Judy Doust, Marston’s Test Manager

Benefits of Original Software’s SAP Accelerator Pack

  1. Eliminate risk – your application supports your critical business processes
  2. Reduce your project cost
  3. Go live sooner
  4. Reduce dependence on and disruption of SAP users
  5. Make more frequent releases

Getting Started

The problem with most test systems is that you have to employ specialist programmers, which we just couldn’t justify. I wanted a solution that was easy to deploy and use.

Judy Doust, Marston’s Test Manager
It takes just a couple of days for an Original Software engineer to configure the technology and only a few hours of training for your team to become proficient in its use. You will feel the benefits from week one. The solution is an effective alternative to SAP’s Test Acceleration & Optimization suite.

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Original Software’s technology streamlines the following key processes of your SAP change project.

Capture SAP Business Processes Automatically 
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Streamline SAP Validation and Defect Fixing 
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Real-Time SAP Test Management 
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