IBM System i Server Testing

Original Software customers report time savings of up to 40% in manual testing and up to 80% in test automation.

It used to take approximately 10-15 users and 2-3 days for each tester to test each release. Now we are able to accomplish this with 1 user in 1 day with TestDrive over Wynne i-Series based system. We have gone from a product release cycle of once a quarter to once a week. If we did not have TestDrive, there is no way we could get all that testing done manually within a week.

Cynthia Pangan, QA and Change Management, RSC Equipment Rental

The IBM iSeries has developed out of all recognition since its launch as the IBM AS/400 and while these two names are widely recognised, the various IBM re-brandings have created other names that have not stuck so well. IBM System i and now simply IBM i are the two latest creations. The great news is that whatever you call it, Original Software has developed the an unequalled solution for iSeries quality encompassing interactive and batch processing, QA and unit testing, test data creation and management, load testing and all forms of UI.

So whether you are a developer driven team needing deep unit testing and/or have a QA group more focussed on the visual layer we can provide every element that you will need to improve the quality of your delivered application. Our open architecture also allows you to create interfaces into tools you use elsewhere in the development lifecycle such as the change management system from Remain Software.

We can also support you wherever you are within the modernisation of your UIs. Green screen, 5250 applications are still providing immense benefit and it is often hard to see the benefit from changing, whereas other applications may have been re-developed using web, .Net or other front end technology while still using the iSeries server database and capabilities. Our solution will test all of these so you can perform end to end test across mixed technologies.

Learn more about what we can offer for ensuring quality on the IBM iSeries in the areas of:

  • Application Quality Management
  • Test Automation
  • Manual Testing
  • Test Data Management
  • Developer testing including batch testing and report compare

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