Test Automation Silver Bullet, Myth or Reality?

Well obviously, it’s a myth.  Right? Maybe. But that said, why do many still seek it?  It is still perceived to be the Holy Grail of testing and keeps millions of people in gainful employment every day, and to an extent that includes me. Part of the problem is the lack of understanding in senior positions. They learn of automation successes and believe they can be applied directly to all their software testing problems and beyond.  I am one of the first to talk about our clients’ successes, and why not, they are successes and they should be proud of them.  But they need to be considered in context, as that context is all-important. What is Test Automation Success? Firstly, what type of organization was it who had the success?  The testing needs of CertainTeed are quite different from those of Cayman National Bank, DSC Logistics, or Edrington.  The industry demands mean different things have a higher importance in one compared to the other, and a major success for one might be of minor value to another.  Just because one company tests the whole of its website content every night automatically without a single script and has a complete audit trail of the content to satisfy a corporate compliance program and changes, does not mean that it will solve any of another’s needs. This is an extract from a whitepaper of the same title. You can read the complete article here.