US financial services company on the money with test automation

Recently, I had the great opportunity to provide our test automation training/consulting services to one of the largest financial services holding companies in the US. This company was built on a tradition of excellence in community banking.

With a number of core applications, the test teams found that performing regression testing manually was taking far too long, and it was not sustainable.The testers wanted their own automation framework within their teams, rather than solely rely on outsourcing. Several of the testers had no prior test automation experience.

At the conclusion of our TestDrive training sessions, we have a workshop where the attendees have an opportunity to apply what they have recently learned to real scenarios within their business applications.

The two business applications of focus were a web-based Cash Manager Online application, and a mainframe Deposits and Account Analysis application.

In our workshop, the goal of the team was to automate a few scenarios revolving around their real-time payments process which involves transferring money between banks.

In one test case, the testers were able to automate the verification of the balance listed in the web-based application actually matched the balance listed in their mainframe application.  In addition, we have also streamlined the security token, login process.

In following up with the team, I am glad to hear in a short time frame, they are well on their way to automating their initial 35 test cases. I can genuinely say it was a joy to work with such an enthusiastic group. I am eager to hear about their continued progress with test automation, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Now they are in the money with test automation thanks to TestDrive from Original Software…

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