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Test Automation - the "where are we" question

Just like in the old joke about asking for directions which earn the response – “If I was going there, I wouldn’t start from here.”  If you don’t know where you are, how you do things now, understand what, why, and how you test, you are never going to make a success of automation.  If your approach to testing is poor now, then jump to test automation will probably just make it worse. You have to gain mastery of what you have and do now and achieve properly organized Application Quality Management.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t tackle test automation at all, it just means you need to choose the software testing tools carefully to be relevant to your need and to set out on that journey. Much is made of having fully documented test cases, but that does not mean you have to write all these up before any step. For example, you can automate the capture of business processes to create reusable test cases and build a library in your Application Quality Management solution. One of our clients Marston’s*, took a joined-up approach to the whole problem from business process capture to test cases to test automation and a regression pack for SAP*.  But there were different successes along the way and different testing tools used in the process. This is an extract from a whitepaper entitled “Test Automation Silver Bullet, Myth or Reality?” You can download and read the whole article here *Watch Phil Court – Head of Technology Delivery at Marston’s plc sum up their software testing challenge and the successful outcome in this 2-minute video

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