IBM i database rollback – Whoops! I wish I hadn’t done that.

Test Data solved in four steps 1. Extract, 2. Scramble, 3. Verify, 4. Roll-back

So we are on step 4 of this 4 part journey to test data heaven. We’ve got the data just how we want and we can ensure it is being updated correctly. So what happens next?

If you’re unlucky, there might an issue with a program and your precious data might get corrupted. Even if that does not happen, you may have simply consumed the data you had carefully prepared for your test, or perhaps someone else did while you weren’t watching!  Frustrating isn’t it?

Imagine your test data came with an undo button.  Just like we are used to in-office style applications. How great would that be for your test data?  Well, that’s exactly what the Checkpoint and Rollback module of TestBench does.  You can take as many checkpoints as you like in a second or two and you can then roll back the data to any prior checkpoint in moments.  So if something went wrong, simply roll back time and put it right before you carry on again.

You don’t need to find a back-up, or ask the Db administrators – you simply select the checkpoint you want from the list and moments later your data reverts to how it was then.  It can save you many hours a week and much frustration.

Furthermore, this feature integrates with the UI test automation in TestDrive so you can make sure the data exactly makes the pre-conditions of your regression test.

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