How CertainTeed implemented regression testing

Marc Croquette is an IT Director at CertainTeed Corporation responsible for multiple heavily customized SAP implementations across 5 divisions. His story as to how his team ensures that every change is fit for purpose and will not cause collateral damage is fascinating. 

Marc will be sharing his experiences in ASUG84101 at the upcoming  ASUG Annual Conference and Sapphire Now, which I recommend you add to your agenda for the event.

Core to his team’s success has been the rapid development of a code-free automated regression test pack based on the Original Software solution cover over 200 business scenarios where EVERY alteration is automatically reported and reviewed.

If having a similar success sounds attractive we have a limited number of 15-minute slots available for an initial discussion where we can compare and contrast your needs with what CertainTeed has achieved. Just get in touch with times that would work for you and we’ll reserve a slot in the calendar.

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