IBM i, iSeries AS/400, call it what you will, but it’s certainly no court jester!

This Yorick is not going anywhere just yet.

After descending in the murky, grey world that was a foggy and rainy Long Island yesterday, I further followed up with an equally dark journey into the world of backend Series i testing.

After discussing the life of job logs, MQ Queues, data areas and spool files, the biggest laugh of the day came when I told somebody that I had a conversation ten years ago about the imminent demise of this particular technology.

 ‘Alas poor Series i we knew you so well’ is most definitely not the cry across the land and it wouldn’t surprise me if I’m having a similar conversation in another 10 years.  

Some cheer and warmth were brought to the proceedings though as I and my colleagues showed off Original Software’s unique capabilities in test data management  for this ageing stalwart of US commerce. I know I left one small part of Long Island much happier than when I arrived in spite of the strange June weather!

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