Ten Factors for a Successful Regression Test. No.1 – Time Window

How long have you got?

There would be no point planning a full system regression that lasted many weeks if the release had to be made tomorrow. The type of development lifecycle being used will heavily influence the time window available to regression test a system. If an agile methodology is being used this would be a much smaller window than if the project is a longer waterfall effort. The efforts required coupled with the smaller timeframes in agile can be mitigated somewhat by the release train approach. Depending on the size and scope of change it may be necessary to use risk-based methods to attempt to regression test in smaller time frames. (see the risk factor below).

This is an extract from  a whitepaper titled “Top Ten Factors for a Successful Regression Test”  which takes you through the key factors that will ensure the best outcome – if all is as it should be and no defects have found their way through – then you have conducted a successful regression test.  

Jonathan Pearson is a Customer Success Manager at Original Software.

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