Ten Factors for a Successful Regression Test. No.2 Pre-requisites.

Getting your ducks in a row!

The next factor to consider are the pre-requisites for a given test, this will mainly be the people needed to run the tests. Are specific skill sets required? Maybe only certain hardware can be used for the tests needed. Even if the tests are all automated somebody would still need to oversee the run and results. Getting the pre-requisites and the time windows aligned, is one of the key determining factors of success.

This is an extract from  a whitepaper titled “Top Ten Factors for a Successful Regression Test”  which takes you through the key factors that will ensure the best outcome – if all is as it should be and no defects have found their way through – then you have conducted a successful regression test.  

Jonathan Pearson is a Customer Success Manager at Original Software.

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