Ten Factors for a Successful Regression Test. No.7 Automation.

Being able to create the automation quickly increases the efficiency.

One area of testing that lends itself to automation is regression. Automation allows repeatability, and re-use, over the more mundane tasks required. An automation test can be run hundreds of times with different data and scenarios overnight ready for the team to review in the morning. One important aspect of regression automation is that it must mimic what the end user does, therefore utilizing the UI as opposed to API’s or other unit testing techniques is more vital here.

More efficiency is experienced when the automation can be created quickly and by more of the team. For fast-paced software development environments this is especially important. Therefore, automation needs to be available to everyone not just specialized test resources.

This is an extract from  a whitepaper titled “Top Ten Factors for a Successful Regression Test”  which takes you through the key factors that will ensure the best outcome – if all is as it should be and no defects have found their way through – then you have conducted a successful regression test.  

Jonathan Pearson is a Customer Success Manager at Original Software.

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