Test Automation solutions. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Have you ever purchased something, only to find out it was not what you had hoped?  I have been trying to find ways to become more environmentally friendly since my daughter became vegan.  However, after ordering some very pretty but essentially brown recyclable wrapping paper before Christmas, I was acutely disappointed to find that it arrived in plastic packaging!  Also, as my kids pointed out, will people even realise that I am giving them presents wrapped in paper that can be recycled, or will it just go in the bin with all the rest?

Do you find yourselves in this position with your automation software?  We often find people come to us because other tools simply don’t live up to the hype and either can’t deliver on their promises, or require too much investment of time, money and personnel to come close.

If you choose Original Software’s solutions for your automation needs, you will not be disappointed. 

No scripting language. Really – no programming needed anywhere, at all. 

Self-healing capability to update scripts automatically when applications change – honestly. 

Patented algorithms so actions are described in terms anyone can understand, no gobbledygook.  This is all normal for us.

If you have tried and failed with test automation, then come and speak to us.  I have learned my lesson and in future I will do my research more thoroughly. 

Sara Ponsford  is Head of Product Delivery at Original Software

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