Go-on, ignore Regression Testing. What have you got to lose?


We know whenever SAP releases updates, or when you implement your own changes, however small these changes may be, there can be unexpected consequences for all your integrated applications.

Have you thought about using regression testing to identify the unexpected changes? Simply put, it ensures that what was working before, is still working now.

We can help to automatically identify every meaningful change in the UI, not just the expected ones.

So, as a gift from us, here is a step by step process, without any need for script editing or complex coding, that will help you get to grips with how to keep your ERP in shape.

Original Software Top 10 Factors for a Successful Regression Test Header Image
You could be like other clients who run a complete system-wide regression test before implementing any change. Reach out and get in touch if you need anything from us. Colin Armitage is the CEO of Original Software

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