From Stravinsky to Yes, a new way to do Business Process Capture

When Igor Stravinsky wrote the Firebird Suite for its first Parisian performance in 1910, he would never have imagined that 65 years later, Yes, the 1970’s prog/rock band would use it to  open every one of their shows. It’s a wonderful example of how people see a different application from what intended originally.

While Original Software makes no claim for its musical compositions (we don’t have any), we do create excellent software, and TestAssist has helped many companies across the globe transform their UAT and manual testing. However, several of those customers have used TestAssist beyond its original purpose. They realized it was an excellent way to capture and document their business processes for numerous reasons, including application user guides, training material, and a blueprint for a new application.

We were delighted to learn of this additional benefit we could deliver and have responded by extending the capabilities of TestAssist to enhance our abilities when capturing business processes. If you’d like to learn more, there is a webinar next week on precisely this subject.

Colin Armitage is the CEO of Original Software.


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