User Acceptance Testing
The ultimate guide


Once the scope and strategy have been determined, map it out by a time unit that best suits the UAT manager, users (participants) and business objectives. It will need to be flexible to change as factors will inevitably impact it.

Outline the test plan

Outline the strategy into weekly segments.

Determine resources needed

Assess the resources needed

Assess the role and impact of interfaces and other systems

Any capable and meaningful application and software undergoing UAT will connect to other applications, internally and potentially externally. This can complicate the change, which extends the coverage and nature of test cases and resources you may need to assess the impact of changes as many businesses operate over several integrated solutions.

Things to consider

Will the impact on other software mean more teams need to be involved?

Do you have existing linked test environments to support this end-to-end testing?

The impact of changes on test cases and data

As with any testing process, not all phases need to be implemented within every project, but each should be considered to achieve the best possible outcome.

Over the coming weeks, we will cover the whole approach to UAT in a  step-by-step guide.  If you have just found us, you can catch up here on the Overview, Scope and Strategy.

Coming up next – Preparation and Initiation.

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