Increase software quality, reduce risk and automate for IBM i

Webinar: Increase software quality, reduce risk and automate for IBMi How change management and testing work together In this webinar, you will learn how to: Increase software quality and reduce risk to deliver issue-free changes Dramatically reduce production downtime using intelligent automation Implement effective change management with a comprehensive IBM i testing approach Watch now […]

Scrap the spreadsheet and up your UAT efficiency

UAT Webinar Scrap spreadsheets

Webinar: Scrap the spreadsheet and up your UAT How to implement a more efficient way and gain ROI in days In this webinar, you will learn: The main barriers and bottlenecks Technologies to avoid and the ones that can bring efficiencies Best practice for capturing UAT and managing the process Register to watch User Acceptance […]

The road to test automation

Webinar: The road to Test Automation How to navigate it smoothly, quickly and gain early ROI Regression testing getting you down – not enough staff or time to do the job properly? Technical automation too difficult or requires huge amounts of maintenance to keep running? Risk based strategies pushing the actual risk to the limit? […]

What killed regression testing?

hat killed regression testing

What killed regression testing? How to have fool-proof, high coverage regression testing on demand…. in just 20 minutes! Trusted by Register to watch Regression testing that means zero bugs reach production. Is regression testing dead? We don’t think so, but for the majority of companies, it becomes a burden that teams are forced to drop. […]

How to fix the UAT problem


How to fix the uAT problem The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase is likely to be the most expensive type of testing undertaken due to the number of people, timescales, and repeated cycles involved. It is well worth optimizing this activity to get the best outcome and do it in the most efficient and cost-effective […]

Test Automation checklist

Test Automation Checklist Test early and develop automation from the beginning. Use the knowledge from business users to determine scenarios and data. Use tools appropriate to the team skills. Avoid coded scripts that need maintaining. Maximise re-use so that scripts are modular and multi-purpose. Use solutions that have intelligence to deal with changes automatically. Use […]

Indec Casestudy

INDEC’s story Download pdf Saint-Gobain is present in 70 countries with more than 167 000 employees. INDEC – an International Centre of Excellence was established in Mumbai to provide IT solutions and services to the Group globally. So, they need to ensure their internal systems are always running at peak performance. Ashish Thakur, Senior Automation […]

Pegus Casestudy

Pegus logo icon

PEGUS ‘s story Download pdf The Challenge For nearly 30 years, PEGUS has been a true innovator in OTC (over the counter) – switch research.  The model they developed for pharmacy-based actual use research is now the industry standard.  PEGUS continue to push the boundaries of new methods and technical tools to help solve complicated […]

Your complete guide to Exploratory Testing

Your complete guide to Exploratory Testing This comprehensive guide includes best practices for scoping,executing and evaluating your exploratory testing Download my free guide Trusted by What you will find inside the complete guide to exploratory testing Who can do it When to do it  Preparation Pros and Cons Types of tools that can help the […]

Increase your Testing ROI by 50%

Increase your testing ROI by 50% We can confidently minimize the cost of your UAT testing by 50% today, increasing your ROI and effectiveness immediately Trusted by End-to-end across any technology End-to-end across any technology We do not limit our technology to SAP, Oracle, and SFDC like Panaya. Our solutions cover and integrate with all […]