Another day, another election, another test cycle!

When selecting your regression testing and project management solution make sure you have a vote winner Elections are somewhat like Test Regression cycles; they can be a good thing because they make you think, or one would hope they do!  However, when you have been through a few, the risk is your target audience becomes […]

Is your software testing solution a lumbering player or a match winner?

Sport has moved on – has the way you deliver software changed? Anticipating the Rugby World Cup and thinking how much it has changed over the last thirty or so years, I see the similarities between that and the evolution of software testing solutions.  Back then in rugby, we had some big lumbering players, who had little […]

Does your software testing solution bowl you over?

Test Cricket* fans like myself are eagerly awaiting the inaugural edition of the ICC World Championship about to start in a matter of days. It had me thinking good Test Match cricket is much like quality software testing. The players who take to the pitch are the visual manifestation and embodiment of elite sportsmen.  However, there […]

Test Automation – in the pits or podium finish?


Yesterday’s British Grand Prix saw a collision between Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen, which was instrumental in deciding the outcome of the race. Both managed to continue but Verstappen commented afterwards he was lucky to get his car across the finishing line as, along with other problems, his power steering failed.  Crashes are not uncommon […]