IBM i Data Validation – find out what is really going on under the covers

IBM i applications are rich in database activity and much of that processing is performed by APIs or batch processes that do not have any form of user interface. Given the damage that a poorly written program can inflict on this key corporate asset, validating that every database activity is correct is difficult and IBM […]

IBM i test data management challenges and how to solve them. No. 2 Data Confidentiality The key challenges comprise four elements: Test Data Data Confidentiality Data Reuse Validation You may now have an extract of live data, however, if you use it you run a great risk of a data breach and severe penalties.  It can also be difficult to mask test data without destroying its usefulness. Thankfully we have […]

IBM i test data management challenges and how to solve them. No. 1 Test Data

The key challenges comprise four elements: Test Data Data Confidentiality Data Reuse Validation Take test data. A copy of the live database is unwieldy, slowing testing, and making validation almost impossible. The ideal test database contains a representative cross-section of the data which maintains referential integrity. If this can be achieved, many more test environments […]

IBM i Brain Drain

Is the IBM i Brain Drain driving you down the road to modernisation? The IBM i (historically the iSeries and AS/400) is still one of the most widely found platforms around the world, especially in highly regulated or risk averse organisations where its reputation for reliability and security are import values. It has not often […]

Test Data Management for IBM i Test Data Management – What data? “Rubbish in = rubbish out” applies to many things in life from diet, to building and cooking, but especially to testing. It is all very well if you are doing negative testing, but most testing is about trying to prove things work the way they should, and that […]

Come along and get happy at the M3 Benelux conference.

Original Software’s solutions helps you eliminate the risk of issues in new ERP installations, upgrades or patches, (including Infor M3). Happy Days!​ Managing change like this is stressful and the anticipation of a go-live can be a worrying time. But, at the M3 event in Amsterdam, I’d like to take a little time out, and […]

Testing IBM i in depth. If you are going to do it – please do it properly.

…because now you can! Now you can properly check everything in depth to help avoid collateral damage for any change, and you don’t have to have a complete picture of the application before you start. As well as giving IBM i developers x-ray vision, these solutions support the full delivery life-cycle from an initial manual […]

Data Rules OK!

Making sure your data is protected. Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m quite old.  I’ve been around a while and I’ve seen a few changes along the way. I was thinking back to when I first started writing business applications on IBM midrange, how one considered every bit and byte of storage, optimizing the database design […]

User Acceptance Testing/UAT Workshop Findings. Is it Proper Testing?

Tasty Biscuits for User Acceptance Testing

What your peers are saying. There have been a few occasions now when I have had the pleasure of hosting a round table discussion on User Acceptance Testing (UAT).  I find it interesting because to many in the world of Software Quality and Testing, it is somehow not “proper testing” or not really part of […]

M3UA UK Conference – Don’t miss the biscuits, they could be the secret of success.

UAT workshop – share challenges and debate strategies  Join us, Original Software at the M3UA UK Conference   Will you be in Nottingham this week? If so, why not come along to the round table discussion on Thursday morning we are hosting on UAT? In any M3 Implementation, Change or Business Improvement Project, testing and particularly user […]