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Titan Group cements relationship with Original Software


Their Challenge Continuous competitive improvements by implementing new efficiencies throughout the business. A lack of test and project management software was making test auditing and progress reporting difficult. Visibility, traceability, and efficiency of testing were key goals, while the main driver was the ‘1ERP4All’ project to centralize 15 countries on to a single S4/HANA environment. […]

Complimentary Qualify Model Consultation from Original Software


The way that we work has changed significantly over the last few weeks, and we’d like to offer our help.  Fortunately, you made a great decision in the past and you already have a solution that can move with the times and adjust to your needs.  If you think that the Qualify model you currently […]

We are here for you

We wanted to reassure you that, in these very uncertain times, you still have our full support. At Original Software we are very fortunate in that all of our employees have the ability to work from home, and that is just what we are doing.  So, apart from the obvious cancellation of any face to […]

Test Automation solutions. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Have you ever purchased something, only to find out it was not what you had hoped?  I have been trying to find ways to become more environmentally friendly since my daughter became vegan.  However, after ordering some very pretty but essentially brown recyclable wrapping paper before Christmas, I was acutely disappointed to find that it […]

Take a different perspective and try something new

I noticed something this week that got me thinking about how valuable a different perspective can be. We had a new employee join our web development team, and along with that came a noticeable increase in lively discussions, whiteboard sessions and overall office buzz! We already have a team of highly skilled experts, but it […]

IBM i Client Access is dead- Long Live IBM i ACS (Access Client Solutions)

Technology moves on but will your core applications still work as expected? There are many technologies which, at the time, we could not imagine a world without. Many of us will remember when there was a phone box on every corner and in order to find out the number you needed you had to leaf […]