SAP ECC – Making the journey to S/4HANA smoother, quicker, and safer.

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SAP ECC – Making the Journey to S/4HANA Smoother, Quicker and Safer Buy yourself time by reducing the current workload using this ten point plan A Ten Point Plan Harness the business users’ knowledge to determine scenarios and data. Implement user friendly Test Automation Ensure you have a code-free solution. With no need for programmers […]

How to Run a Regression Test

original-software-Running A Regression Test

How to Run a Regression Test Let’s look at how to run a regression test.<br> One which will check every item on every screen and report all differences. Let’s go A complete end-to-end test You’ve built your data driven, regression test pack complete with a logic driven Play List and Scripts covering a complete end […]

How to Build a Regression Test Pack

ORiginal-Software-Building A Regression Test Pack

Building a Regression Test Pack See how easy it is with this step by step process, without any need for script editing or complex coding. What tests do you need? Before you start with any automation creation, you need to decide what tests should form part of the pack. What parts of the application¬† are: […]