SAP – Are you also struggling with all the changes and modifications?

Free up some resource now and give yourself time to think ahead to S/4HANA Keeping pace with the weight of changes is never easy. Adding to that, the need to start preparing for the migration to HANA and S/4 HANA is giving many companies running SAP a major headache. Less so for those who have […]

Don’t push me, ’cause I’m close to the Edge

Patent pending object recognition and reduction technology means automated testing over many types of browsers has never been easier. No this isn’t about how your feeling after spending 24 hours a day with your family for the past month, rather a story about how you should use the browser you want to do automated testing. […]

One ping to rule them all.

“One Ping to rule them all, one Ping to find them, One Ping to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” As we move towards the end times of the current age, where nearly everyone is confined to their Hobbit-Hole in the shire, are you being dragged around by various pings and beeps […]

Luv in the time of Covid-19


Future proofing to ensure business continuity. Don’t worry this isn’t some  Gabriel García Márquez* rehash, it is about how flexible and prepared companies are for the current economic situation. Nobody is sure of the outcome, will this be a L type where we dip and then head towards prolonged depression, a U where there is […]

We are here for you

We wanted to reassure you that, in these very uncertain times, you still have our full support. At Original Software we are very fortunate in that all of our employees have the ability to work from home, and that is just what we are doing.  So, apart from the obvious cancellation of any face to […]

Top Ten Factors for a Successful Regression Test

What is regression testing? Anybody who has spent a little time in software will have heard a developer say something along the lines of “Well the changes in my code have nothing to do with that side of the system so I can’t have caused the problem.” The skill of regression testing is in identifying […]

Lessons in seeking the test automation silver bullet

row of silver bullets

Lessons in seeking the test automation silver bullet. So perhaps there is a silver bullet, but you are going to have to find the right one for you and look after it. In order to make test automation successful there will be different tools deployed in different places by different people, one tool will not […]

Do you still love your IBM i

Red Heart on its side- do you love your IBM i

Do you still love your IBM i? We still do and believe it is at the heart of many organisations world wide. We have put together a short global survey to establish its relevance today, the highlights and any challenges It will only take 2 minutes and at the same time you will be helping […]

Script Maintenance Kills Test Automation

If there is one thing that kills test automation it is script maintenance. It is essential to minimize this for long term success.  It is massively important in Agile methodologies as there is simply not time to have a long-winded approach to maintenance. A technical approach perhaps involving code may be acceptable if testing SOA […]

Test Automation – the “Where are we?” question

woman looing at signpost wondering where we are

Test Automation – the “where are we” question Just like in the old joke about asking for directions which earn the response – “If I was going there, I wouldn’t start from here.”  If you don’t know where you are, how you do things now, understand what, why, and how you test, you are never […]