Wonder Woman and IBM i

Wonder Woman. Born to fight battles in the world of regression testing with the IBMi. Make tomorrow a better world to live in. Wonder Women, princess of the Amazon, came into existence during the time of a great war. So TestBench was born, to fight battles in the world of regression testing with the IBM […]

Hulk and IBM i. Have you Hulked out over testing?

Have you Hulked out over testing? Revert to Dr. Bruce Banner today. We have all seen the Hulk change once he gets angry and turn into everyone’s favourite green monster. With Original Software’s TestDrive for IBMi automation and regression testing, there is no need to get that angry ever again. However, in some ways The […]

Test Data Management for IBM i

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64WytonllfU Test Data Management – What data? “Rubbish in = rubbish out” applies to many things in life from diet, to building and cooking, but especially to testing. It is all very well if you are doing negative testing, but most testing is about trying to prove things work the way they should, and that […]

Common Denmark, Disruption Day

With Sosy and Rocket Software February 26th, 2020 A disruption day for IBM i users with Sosy and Rocket Software. There will be  sessions on modernization and a  hand-on manual testing workshop.  Find out more or register here.     Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin

The test data challenge

Getting it, masking it and re-using it. How do you go about obtaining data for testing.  There are only so many ways…   Full restore or copy of production Extract data subsets via SQL or via a tool Copy records Generate via a program Enter transactions through the business application Manually enter data via your favorite […]