IBM i Brain Drain

Is the IBM i Brain Drain driving you down the road to modernisation? The IBM i (historically the iSeries and AS/400) is still one of the most widely found platforms around the world, especially in highly regulated or risk averse organisations where its reputation for reliability and security are import values. It has not often […]

Transform UAT today- see ROI tomorrow

Transform your UAT today. See ROI tomorrow User Acceptance Testing is an essential part of  software delivery. Utilization of appropriate tools and support for UAT can reduce the time and effort by 60% and eliminate defects that would otherwise make it through to production. Original Software provides proven, streamlined User Acceptance and Automated Testing solutions […]

Achieving faster test automation over web and green screen

See in 3 minutes how easy it is to perform a multiple UI automated test. Leave traditional automation in the dust by ensuring that everything is as it should be, not just individual items. That’s right. You will automatically capture every label and field off every screen during a test including sub-files and pop-up windows. […]

Superman’s heat vision for IBM i.

Like Superman’s heat vision, Burn away the impacts of a test run. Reset the data before it corrupts future test results. Flung from the planet Krypton just before it was destroyed, Superman landed in the mid-west of the USA and quickly learned to grow into his superpowers. With its US headquarters in Chicago, Original Software […]

Wonder Woman and IBM i

Wonder Woman. Born to fight battles in the world of regression testing with the IBMi. Make tomorrow a better world to live in. Wonder Women, princess of the Amazon, came into existence during the time of a great war. So TestBench was born, to fight battles in the world of regression testing with the IBM […]

Scarlet Witch and IBM i. You may not possess chaos magic yourself

You may not possess chaos magic yourself But you can use it to help with your GDPR & HIPA compliance. The Scarlet Witch was kidnapped and used as a subject of genetic experimentation by the High Evolutionary. This left her a powerful sorceress with abilities to alter the world in many ways. Luckily, you can […]

Captain America and IBM i Not often do Superheroes and Testing collide

Captain America and IBM i. Not often do Superheroes and Testing collide Unveiling computing’s secret serum. Once rejected from the army due to weakness and inabilities, Captain America’s breakthrough came when he was injected with a secret serum. This happened around 1941, ironically the same time frame that the IBM AS/400 was rumoured to have […]

Test Data Management for IBM i Test Data Management – What data? “Rubbish in = rubbish out” applies to many things in life from diet, to building and cooking, but especially to testing. It is all very well if you are doing negative testing, but most testing is about trying to prove things work the way they should, and that […]

Testing IBM i in depth. If you are going to do it – please do it properly.

…because now you can! Now you can properly check everything in depth to help avoid collateral damage for any change, and you don’t have to have a complete picture of the application before you start. As well as giving IBM i developers x-ray vision, these solutions support the full delivery life-cycle from an initial manual […]

IBM i Client Access is dead- Long Live IBM i ACS (Access Client Solutions)

Technology moves on but will your core applications still work as expected? There are many technologies which, at the time, we could not imagine a world without. Many of us will remember when there was a phone box on every corner and in order to find out the number you needed you had to leaf […]