Webinar – Make UAT Awesome

In this 20-minute webinar, we  discuss the real value of UAT, its importance in this climate of accelerating change, and how the whole process can be transformed. We  cover • what UAT is and what it should be. • the potential for adopting UAT Testing Tools, particularly Automated Testing Tools, and how they can dramatically […]

Removing the risk of cloud application updates

Cloud updates….. The tsunami is coming Are you concerned: That one “simple” update can cripple your business? You are tied to the SaaS update deadline? How you increase your testing capacity without increasing your cost? Watch now Webinar: Eliminating risk from SaaS updates  This webinar will discuss how you can glide through the inherent risk […]

Validating your SAP S/4HANA Implementation Part III Go

Validating your SAP S/4HANA implementaton Go

Implementing or just implemented S/4HANA? Enhancements and patches will be frequent Reduce the burden on the Business when changes need to be adopted into your S/4HANA system. Learn best practices for managing rapid and frequent changes “This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, this is just perhaps the […]

Validating your SAP S/4HANA Implementation Part II Steady

Faster validation for S/4HANA implementations Reducing effort and speeding up the Realization and Final Preparation phases of the project Ready Steady Go Part II Steady A higher speed approach to the Realization and Final Preparation phases of the project Watch now *Missed Part One? You can watch the recording here. In the first part, READY, […]

Validating your SAP S/4HANA Implementation Part I

Preparing for your SAP upgrade What you can do during the Preparation phases of your SAP project to get ready for the change Upgrading your SAP, especially to S4/HANA, means significant change but how can you prepare for it – even if you’re not ready yet? A 3 part webinar series Ready Steady Go Part […]

Document your work processes quickly and accurately

Business Process Documentation webinar Document your processes quickly and accurately Making changes to applications is a bit like navigation. The first thing you need to know is where you are now. There may be multiple reasons you want to get a strong definition of the ‘here and now’ or ‘as-is’ position. Training users. Creating user […]

Increase software quality, reduce risk and automate for IBM i

Webinar: Increase software quality, reduce risk and automate for IBMi How change management and testing work together In this webinar, you will learn how to: Increase software quality and reduce risk to deliver issue-free changes Dramatically reduce production downtime using intelligent automation Implement effective change management with a comprehensive IBM i testing approach Watch now […]

Scrap the spreadsheet and up your UAT efficiency

UAT Webinar Scrap spreadsheets

Webinar: Scrap the spreadsheet and up your UAT How to implement a more efficient way and gain ROI in days In this webinar, you will learn: The main barriers and bottlenecks Technologies to avoid and the ones that can bring efficiencies Best practice for capturing UAT and managing the process Register to watch User Acceptance […]

The road to test automation

Webinar: The road to Test Automation How to navigate it smoothly, quickly and gain early ROI Regression testing getting you down – not enough staff or time to do the job properly? Technical automation too difficult or requires huge amounts of maintenance to keep running? Risk based strategies pushing the actual risk to the limit? […]

What killed regression testing?

hat killed regression testing

What killed regression testing? How to have fool-proof, high coverage regression testing on demand…. in just 20 minutes! Trusted by Register to watch Regression testing that means zero bugs reach production. Is regression testing dead? We don’t think so, but for the majority of companies, it becomes a burden that teams are forced to drop. […]