Reynolds Catering talk about testing Infor M3

Reynolds Catering talk about testing Infor M3

Reynolds Catering talk about risk reduction Testing and upgrading Infor M3 An informal interview by George Wilson of Original Software with Richard Calder, IT Director and Michael Walsh IT Testing and Training Technician about their confidence when delivering a major upgrade – in this particular case jumping four versions of Infor M3 to 13.4, would […]

100% Regression Testing


100% Regression Testing Your ERP runs your business, but when it changes how can you be sure it still works. Regression testing You may also be interested in.

Manual Testing: Mark ups and reporting

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Manual Testing- Markups and Reporting See how  an easy to use non-technical solution can speed up your manual testing. Watch the video here or alternatively download the transcript Manual testing User Acceptance Testing TestAssist

Faster and Easier User Acceptance Testing with TestAssist

Faster and Easier User Acceptance Testing with TestAssist* An in-depth look at TestAssist* and how it can speed up your user acceptance testing. User Acceptance Testing TestAssist TestAssist is the new name for TestDrive-UAT

Revolutionize your regression testing like CertainTeed. On-demand Webinar


Revolutionize Your Regression Testing like CertainTeed With  six ERP installations across five countries the IT Director of CertainTeed, a division of St. Gobain, knows what  test automation best practice looks like. Take just 30 minutes to see how this  multi-national corporation effected  a ground breaking approach to regression testing. The result: A repeatable process established […]

Solutions in Action: Automated Regression Testing

olutions in Action - Automated Regression Testing (1)

Automated Regression Testing This video on how to automate regression testing, accelerate quality processes and increase test coverage addresses: What’s involved? Why is this better? Can it be maintained? Can it be used on other applications? Test Automation Regression Testing

SAP ECC or S/4HANA. A complete solution for Automation Testing

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SAP ECC or S/4HANA. A Complete Solution for Automated Testing Fix your issues before the jump to S/4HANA Have Confidence – That your SAP ECC application will support your business as required from go-live and will make life easier moving forward. Feel the Benefits – After a couple of days to implement our solutions and […]

Organize and Manage Testing Activities


Organize and Manage Testing Activities Best practice ALM/AQM calls for an  easy to use means of  organising and managing all  testing activities . This can be a  critical element of  streamlining project sizing and test planning. Test Management Qualify AQM

Test Automation over Infor M3

Test Automation in Action over Infor M3

Test Automation over Infor M3 Code-free Test Automation with Infor M3.  See TestDrive truly code-free test automation in action over Infor M3 in this two-minute demo Test 4x faster with TestDrive

Infor M3 and CloudSuite Webinar. Managing displaced testing resources efficiently

Infor M3 and Cloudsuite Managing displaced testing resources efficiently  Infor M3 and CloudSuite How to best manage testing resources across teams and locations. Tools and techniques for collaboration and information exchange. Managing work across recently dispersed teams is a new challenge for many. This is especially true of testing activities that require detailed two-way communication. […]