Test Automation checklist

Test Automation Checklist Test early and develop automation from the beginning. Use the knowledge from business users to determine scenarios and data. Use tools appropriate to the team skills. Avoid coded scripts that need maintaining. Maximise re-use so that scripts are modular and multi-purpose. Use solutions that have intelligence to deal with changes automatically. Use […]

5 reasons to stop using spreadsheets for UAT

White paper with pink cover discussing why spreadsheets are killing UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

5 reasons to stop using spreadsheets for UAT Download the Guide Introduction User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a key part of a successful software change process. One that inevitably normally comes towards the end of the project and it usually does not get the same level of focus that earlier quality assurance phases do. This […]

Your complete guide to Exploratory Testing

Your complete guide to Exploratory Testing This comprehensive guide includes best practices for scoping,executing and evaluating your exploratory testing Download my free guide Trusted by What you will find inside the complete guide to exploratory testing Who can do it When to do it  Preparation Pros and Cons Types of tools that can help the […]

Increase your Testing ROI by 50%

Increase your testing ROI by 50% We can confidently minimize the cost of your UAT testing by 50% today, increasing your ROI and effectiveness immediately End-to-end across any technology End-to-end across any technology We do not limit our technology to SAP, Oracle, and SFDC like Panaya. Our solutions cover and integrate with all platforms, even […]

Why spreadsheets kill UAT

White paper with pink cover discussing why spreadsheets are killing UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

Why spreadsheets are killing your UAT Find out in the free downloadable guide why spreadsheets are killing your UAT and a clear solution. What you’ll learn ✓ Why spreadsheets are outdated ✓ How capture technology helps ✓ How to make UAT more efficient Get Your Free Copy Now Start improving your UAT process today Trusted […]

Guide to exploratory testing

The Complete Exploratory Testing Handbook Download pdf Introduction Anybody who has worked in software for a certain amount of time will have been asked at one point to ‘have a play’ with a new application to ascertain suitability. This form of ‘ad hoc’ testing gave birth to exploratory testing used by teams today. Although the […]

Get your ultimate guide to UAT


Get your FREE ultimate guide to UAT Are you looking to dramatically improve your UAT process, minimize change disruption, and speed up the resolution of issues? Download my free guide 3 ways this guide will improve your UAT performance 1. Provides best practices 2. Introduces frameworks 3.Optimizes user input Providing a holistic yet well-documented exploration […]

UAT guide


The Ultimate User Acceptance Testing​ (UAT) Guide Download pdf Introduction to UAT User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is inevitably near the end of any software change cycle, and it performs a number of key objectives in the overall software quality process. It serves to ensure that the software is usable, safe, understood, and meets the objectives […]

TestDrive 2.0


TestDrive 2.0 Simply the fastest code-free test automation tool on the planet How do you make the most innovative test automation product ever built, even better? A.I. Object recognition & simplification Learn more Patented Self-healing script maintenance Learn more Human visionannotation Learn more Patented Automatic synchronization Learn more Out-of-the-box full regression testing Learn more One […]

UAT Management Solution

A UAT Management Solution Simple to use by business testers, and easy to administer and report by managers. Talk with an adviser A UAT management solution that is simple to use by business testers, and easy to administer and report by managers. Enabling integral support not only for your key systems, but all supporting applications […]