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Create scripts 3-4 x faster

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Regression Testing for IBM i

Regression testing is a safety net for unwanted changes. It means to test that a fix or change has not adversely affected previously working functionality, in other words, it has not regressed.

Almost all major software failures have been caused by things which were not tested, rather than a poor assessment of test results. It is what you don’t test that will catch you out, that’s why complete 360-degree testing is so powerful.


Create scripts 3-4 X faster

No need for specialist programmers

A 100% code-free process. drag and drop in process captures and data sets and away you go.

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100% coverage


Automatically identify every meaningful change in the UI.

Check every element of every screen in the UI , not just the expected ones

Additional checks

Trap more errors with easy to add automated checksThese include base-line comparisons, specific content, spell-checks, link checks, hardware impact checks and performance checks.

End to end across all your platforms

A single test can embrace multiple applications and technologies enabling you to have a complete end to end scenario and check each step in a business process along the way whether cloud, browser, green screen, Windows GUI, Java, SAP, Salesforce, or anything.

A.I Script Maintenance

Minimal script maintenance

A.I means the scripts update adapt to the lastest verision Scripts adapt to change automatically

Re-baselined scriptss

At the end of the test the scripts are reset, baselined, to match the current release and are ready to go for the next release test. 


Regression testing under the covers

Not just the UI

Whilst most automated regression testing focuses on the user interface, a capability delivered by TestDrive for any type of UI whether green screen, browser, Windows GUI, Java etc. TestBench also enables regression testing of underlying components and methods.

X-Ray vision

This includes such calls to other programs or procedures, database writes MQ messages, batch programs, report outputs, and more.  In other words, it is like having x-ray vision inside the system to spot any type of change, inside or out.

CertainTeed 's regression testing story.

Zero defects reaching production

CertainTeed is a North American manufacturer of sustainable exterior and interior building products. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, the world’s largest building products company.

Marc Croquette, an IT Director at CertainTeed is responsible for multiple, heavily customized SAP implementations across 5 divisions. Read how his team ensures that every change is entirely fit for purpose, how several significant defects were caught ahead of go-live and zero defects have made it through to production.

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