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" effective test automation solution, should not require programming or specialist skills."

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Test Automation for IBM i

We have pioneered code-free testing for over 20 years. It is now generally acknowledged, that an effective test automation solution, should not require programming or specialist skills.

Automated tests should be able to be built, understood and maintained by anyone. If you want to maximise productivity in software delivery, minimise the cost of change and avoid risk to business, we can help you create an appropriate strategy for successful automated testing.

Your systems

The need for Test Automation has never been stronger. Off-the-Shelf, as well as custom built applications that run businesses, are being implemented frequently. Therefore, major upgrades, regular changes and patches need to be applied as soon as possible.

Without effective and timely Test Automation, you may fall further behind in projects, as well as expose the organisation to business halting issues. 


Codeless testing drives efficiency

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A quick demonstration of how easy it is to perform a multiple UI automated test with TestDrive.

Rapid,maintainable approach

Our customers have implemented rapid and maintainable approaches to automated testing with fast to create, easily maintained, self-healing code-free scripts. This supports them end-to-end across functional application and regression testing.

Time saving, reduced effort and defect-free go-lives

Our code-less testing solutions deliver efficiency in time savings, reduced effort and supported defect free go-lives.  Your Quality Assurance, IT and User Testing teams can ensure everything works perfectly before it is rolled out. 

Web, GUI, Green screen

Web, GUI, Green screen can all be tested together, ensuring a change in one application doesn’t have an adverse effect on another.

How Original Software helped Edrington

Test automation success at Edrington

How Edrington successfully automated their testing processes, enabling a modernization that effected more change in twelve months than had taken place in the previous ten to twenty years.

A Test Automation Checklist

New to test automation? Here’s a handy  reminder of the key points to consider.

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TestBench IBM i Modules

A comprehensive, proven test data management, verification and unit testing solution that  integrates with other solutions for total application quality.

Stop copying the entire live database and hone in on the data you really need. Select or sample data with full referential integrity preserved.

Simply decide which fields need to be protected and use a variety of obfuscation methods to protect your data.

Track every insert, update and delete including intervening data states. Create rules so that data failures are flagged to you automatically.

Avoid the painful save/restores and stop attempting to explain bad test results based on poor initial data.

Comparing outputs is a well proven method to verify your test results but it is laborious and prone to error.This unique solution can save hours.

Get under the covers and analyse at a program/module level what happens in the database, APIs, parameters, messages and beyond.

Our products

100% code free testing checks every element of every screen
Limitless test management capability supporting teams of any size
Comprehensive test data management, verification and unit testing solution.

We understand

We understand the challenges associated with test automation. So why not reach out to one of our advisers and explore the options available.

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