In control of your Infor testing?

Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud, ensuring Infor and all your integrated applications function as expected is critical to your ongoing success. Backed by 25 years’ of experience, Original Software’s Infor testing suite is here to help you get in control. 

Where are you heading?

Infor is slowly but surely encouraging everyone to migrate from older versions of Infor to Infor CloudSuite. You can’t put it off forever. That migration – and subsequent updates in the future – are going to involve A LOT of testing. With our help, you can turn that testing from a nightmare into a fast, efficient experience.

Discover the benefits of testing Infor with us

With over 25 years’ experience in the Infor testing space, our solutions bring significant benefits to your testing processes, and your business overall.

Speed up cycle times

Our customers have seen their testing time halve by working with us. Faster cycles mean you can handle more updates smoothly, reduce the business impact of UAT, and support overall enterprise agility.

Reduce testing costs

Our solution helps you make better use of your business users’ time, reducing the time and cost of their involvement. Your IT team are also freed up to focus on other activities, reducing the cost of their involvement.

Mitigate the risk of downtime

Our processes ensure that no bugs or issues slip through your testing into production, so you can keep the business running as it should.

Test across multiple applications

Our solution effortlessly handles tests involving multiple applications – perfect for testing processes using integrations with third-party apps

Our Infor testing solutions

Business process documentation

Quickly and effortlessly map out every business process and convert them into automated and manual tests, so you can be confident that you’re not missing anything.

Manual testing

Unobtrusive testing tools that capture everything, even if you’re moving between different Infor modules or in and out of Infor, and that make feedback easy to manage.

Test automation

Get the heavy lifting done with test automation that’s extraordinarily easy to use. It’s also the best regression testing tool on the market.

User Acceptance Testing

Your next Infor update is likely to be big. Reduce UAT effort by 60% and increase confidence in your UAT with a solution that tracks everything and keeps it in one place.

Test Management

There’s a lot to manage with an Infor update. Our solution helps you keep track of who is doing what (including your automated tests) and track issues from identification to completion.

Customer story

Valmet halves testing time
during major upgrade across 6 countries

The challenge

Valmet, a  major industrial company with over 220 years of history, uses Infor in 6 countries. Each has 2,000 test cases, which require testing and proof of testing provided as part of the project. This meant they needed to improve the speed and quality of testing and project management. 

How we helped

A lot of time has been saved in terms of documenting the testing activity, with the added benefit of a clear audit trail. Defects identified by the testers are now reported directly to the vendor’s ticket system, streamlining communication. Testers are more efficient with their time and efforts, and there is a higher quality of Project Management.

Key Benefits

Significant reduction in defect resolution time


Clear and concise audit trail


Project management enhanced


What next?

The solution kit will be used for other applications within the organization as well. They have already begun testing in instances where the application interfaces with Infor.

Originally we had planned for 3 months to test the upgrade in 6 countries. With these tools we have cut that time in half and saved 3 - 4,000 hours.
We have over 100 people using the tools and find them easy to use.

Global ERP owner

Why work with us

We’re the leaders in UAT

There are very few organizations out there that offer a solution to help you manage UAT better. Of those, we’re the only one who can help you manage the whole process, end-to-end.

Infor. And a whole lot more.

Whether your Infor system is integrated with Salesforce, your own custom Java applications, even green screen or a cloud-based SaaS solution, our solution will work for you.

Elegant & user-friendly

Our solutions are highly intuitive, so business users can be trained in minutes and performing tests soon after. With powerful dashboards and reports you can forget scrolling through endless spreadsheets to find the info you want.

We deliver proven results

Our customers have reported time and effort savings of up to 75% using our solutions. Every deployment of our solutions have made testing faster and more efficient for clients.

Join the happiest customers
in the software testing industry

Our customer satisfaction scores are some of the best in the industry. And we’re proud to say that, with an NPS score of 77 (higher than Apple!), our customers are overwhelmingly happy to recommend us.


love us and our service


Net Promoter Score


love our products

We upped our game with Original Software. We aligned IT with the business, and now we deliver faster and with much better quality. There’s no doubt that the level of satisfaction has increased tremendously. It’s like a wall has come down.

John Osborne

Head of IT

In speeding up and streamlining our testing processes, Original Software has helped improve the productivity of our IT and business teams by reducing the time required for testing. Original Software has turned out to be among the top five best application purchasing decisions we’ve ever made.

J.P. Jones

Senior Vice President,
Chief Information Officer

Great product and easy to use. This is an awesome company to work with. They always respond to questions or issues and are very open to ideas and suggestions. To say their customer support is excellent does not even begin to summarize how wonderful they are. This is by far the best company I have worked with regarding service and support.

Quality Assurance Testing Analyst

Retail Industry

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