Manual Testing

Dynamic Manual Testing that tackles the key challenges of test documentation and defect reproduction.

Capture issues faster


Improve developer/tester collaboration


Instant access and visibility for all


Our clients

Make Manual Testing less Manual

Manual testing by QA professionals and business users is fundamental to delivering high quality applications. But it’s repetitive and time consuming, associated with inconsistent reporting of issues and the amount of testing performed.

See how an easy to use non-technical solution can speed up your manual testing. 

Capture issues faster

Intuitive simple UI

Testers can be up and running in minutes

Automatically record every actvity

No need to take screen captures or keeps logs

Scripted and exploratory testing

Drive activity from a test script and direct the user or let them explore and track their every activity

Improve tester/developer collaboration


Detailled Information

Provide the detailed information needed to shorten find/fix cycles.

Raise issues in real-time

Create defects & non-conformances while a test is in progress, optionally linked to a test step

Instant audit trail

Capture proof of testing automatically

Access and visibility for all

Universal Access

Every team member from management, through development and QA to end users has instant access and visibility, driving efficiency. 

Training & Documentation

Use the documented business process to produce user training guides and documentation.

How TestAssist helped Macerich

The Story

Macerich, one of the leading owner/operators of US retail properties for the last 50 years, faced a sweeping upgrade of its ERP system. It needed to streamline the capture of business processes, accelerate manual testing, and lay the groundwork for eventual test automation for continual changes in other company systems and applications.

How Original Software helped

The team used TestAssist to increase the productivity of manual testing, expanding the number of test cases completed in any given time period without increasing the number of staff involved. The technology recorded every test step, enabling the IT team to accelerate the testing cycles by eliminating the need to document manually the issues encountered.

This approach removed the burden on the business users to duplicate failed test steps in order to document an issue; everything they did was being recorded automatically.   

Key Benefits

Hours of meetings eliminated. .


Improved quality of testing


Reduced testing time


In speeding up and streamlining our testing processes, Original Software has helped improve theiproductivity of our IT and business teams by reducing the time required for testing
Original Software has turned out to be among the top five best application purchasing decisions we’ve ever made.

J.P. Jones, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer for Macerich


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the ability to quickly document a process, whether through exploratory or a more test case/ user story driven process, is a key enabler to the agile methodology.

If the manual testing solution TestAssist is used in conjunction with the Qualify management system, then a full triage cycle can be used.

The solution is designed for ease of use, notes and screen markups can be made live during the test, and also after the test in a post test review.

Making manual testing less manual


Scripted & Exploratory testing

Drive activity from a test script and direct the user or let them explore and track their every activity

Complete activity track & audit trail

Capture every action, click, input that the user performs . The user operates as normal, new screens or pages are automatically identified.

Mark-ups, edit & enhance

Spot something wrong, when testing or reviewing test results? Simply add a mark-up to any screen, add some description and give it a level of severity.

Automatic quality checks

Including spelling, performance, hardware impact,and link checking. Exact performance data is captured providing accurate measurement of the UX

Re-use, modify, repeat

Automatically save tests and modify for re-use

Process & training documentation

Capture business processes automatically for reference manuals and help with training. If need be enhance the content with comments and mark-ups.


All information including performance is stored as a Test Result which can then be completely analyzed with a Result Viewer.

Raise issues

Create defects & non-conformances while a test is in progress, optionally linked to a test step. Automatically pass full details to the developer.

We understand

We understand the challenges associated with manual testing. So why not reach out to one of our advisers and explore the options available.

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