Microsoft Dynamics ERP Testing

Ensure that your Microsoft Dynamics ERP runs at peak performance, all the time. With easily automated, repeatable testing processes.

Find faults & defects with Microsoft ERP quickly and easily

Did you know: Testing your Microsoft Dynamics ERP could detect defects or issues during development and implementation. Meaning, that the quicker you find your faults, the cheaper they’ll be to fix. Getting testing started early in a project, is significantly less expensive.

Our solutions offer Microsoft Dynamics testing routes with little-to-no coding or programming skills required. We want to empower all users with the ability to run tests with ease, so the rest of your company doesn’t suffer any business-critical reductions.

With testing solutions by Original Software your team can easily replicate and document software deficiencies, errors, and defects. 


Microsoft Dynamics ERP - The Testing Challenges

Historically speaking, 40% of an application’s lifecycle is devoted to testing. Original Software seeks to help businesses streamline the Microsoft Dynamics ERP testing process.

Configurations, extensions, patches, and new module implementation are just a few of the time-consuming activities associated with an ERP just for daily use. Most companies don’t have the time to ‘stop the presses’ when another test is needed, which is frequently if not daily. 

Microsoft Dynamics ERP - The importance of Testing

The base Microsoft Dynamics application is both broad and deep, including a host of features, modules, and hardware and software configurations. Independent software vendors modify or extend Microsoft Dynamics, providing functionality for verticals and specific market needs.Because of all modifications implemented, it is important to test the solution thoroughly.

We are focused on ensuring that your Microsoft Dynamics ERP runs at peak performance all the time with easily automated repeatable testing processes.


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