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A single solution to bring together all IT teams, delivering visibility and efficiency


 Whilst IT organizations strive to provide the best integrated solutions to optimize the efficiency of their business ‘customers’, very often the IT team itself is less well served by integrated solutions. It is common for IT teams to use a mixed bag of solutions, frequently based on spreadsheets in an attempt to achieve the independent objectives of each team within IT. Qualify Enterprise allows you to keep everything in one place with one single solution.

What Qualify Enterprise can do for you


Comprehensive IT management

As well as AQM Qualify Enterprise enables wider processes,cross-team support, PMO, Requirements management, Resource management and forecasting, and full process customization.

Easy to create dashboards and reports

On any of the data held, so that immediate reporting of the project status, task progress, results, defects, and resources is available in real-time.

Key Features

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Requirements management

A comprehensive requirements management capability, from change requests to functional and technical specification and design documentation. These are linked through to all related tasks in the process including testing and defect handling, showing full end-to-end traceability.

Resource management

Enjoy a complete view of all the work in progress, (optionally including time-sheet data), allocated tasks and forward projects – highlighting areas of potential contention and endangered dead-lines so that you can balance and re-assign your resources and resource pools as needed.

Work level forecasting

Qualify Enterprise keeps track of project assignments for forthcoming projects and programs with workloads and budgets accumulated to the next level up. You can see forwards as projects are loosely planned and determine what resource levels will be required to deliver these in the given timescales. Hence you can adjust resource levels or project timescales and make informed business decisions which are likely to be successful.

Release management

When is done, done? There are many factors that influence this decision and it is good to have all the data in one place. If you have total visibility of all the tasks and their status, whether ahead of development, development itself, during testing or defect remediation, being able to determine the state of readiness by project, release or sprint. Burndown charts and clear status dashboards show you what you need to know to make informed decisions and to plan accordingly.

Full PMO

Qualify Enterpise is the comprehensive solution for your Project Management Office, supporting high-level planning and resourcing tasks. This includes programs grouped into portfolios, program and project budgets, resource management, resource commitment, RAID reporting, status reports and RAG analysis.

Timesheet tracking

If you wish, you can get individuals to record timesheet data with a simple weekly grid, allocating time spent to projects and tasks. Using the costing facilty, the employee cost can be rolled up to the project and above.

Planning boards

A graphical overview of your high-level and detailed planning, making it easy to monitor progress and highlight potential bottlenecks. The drag and drop/stretch and shrink interface makes it easy to manipulate the plan as circumstances evolve.

Integration to other systems

E.g. Jira/Dev ops. Link with, create, amend, and display information held within point solutions such as Microsoft TFS and JIRA. As well as giving a single integrated view of corporate data, this can then be analyzed, graphed and reported on.

For customers moving to Qualify Enterprise from spreadsheets and documents or legacy test management products such as QC/ALM, we provide a powerful data import capability that minimizes the data conversion process.

Powerful, richly formatted, advanced reporting

Reports and Dashboards are simple to create, enabling you to provide all the Management Information you, and others, require. You can customize interactive data views to suit your needs building the perfect interface for your situation or role.

Customized end-to-end processing and data stores

The solution is very adaptable to your exact requirements as you can add new data columns to existing entities and whole new data entities for something unique to you. At the same time all the workflow and electronic signature settings are under your control enabling both very tight and rigid processes or a more flexible approach.

User level security

A role-based security model is a fundamental part with a full range of accumulated permissions. Integration with LDAP is fully supported so existing user data can be simply extended.​

Customer web portal for 3rd party access

Simple to set up and utilize, the web portal allows visibility, management, ease of use, and workflow control. Combined with the access security capabilities it enables you to control what data each person or group of persons can access so that you can enable collaborative partnerships in a secure model.

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