TestBench Data Masking

Unique vertical scrambling

Synchronize across multiple tables

User Exit Points

Protect sensitive data and maximise the lifetime of test data.

Production data so often forms the basis of a Test Data Environment and this means real data. Best practice and an ever-increasing set of regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.) tell us we should not or cannot use data that can identify an individual. Simple, but effective, data masking or obfuscation can be employed to remove the ability to identify an individual from the data held in your Test Data Environments, from Name and Address, to SSNs and credit card numbers.

Data Masking

Data Warping

Not forgetting

Compliance with Data Protection Legislation

Compliance with data privacy legislation requires that live data is not available in test environments and that individuals cannot be identified. TestBench provides scrambling routines that enable effective obfuscation and de-identification, synchronizing the changes across the database to ensure consistent scrambling of values. true end-to-end testing.

Want to know more about IBM i Data Masking and how it could help your business? Why not book a slot with one of our technical advisers.

TestBench IBM i Modules

Solutions to cover every aspect of test data management

Data Extraction

Stop copying the entire live database and hone in on the data you really need. Select or sample data with full referential integrity preserved.

Data Masking

Simply decide which fields need to be protected and use a variety of obfuscation methods to protect your data.

Data Validation

Track every insert, update and delete including intervening data states. Create rules so that data failures are flagged to you automatically.

Data Reset

Avoid the painful save/restores and stop attempting to explain bad test results based on poor initial data.

File and Report Compare

Comparing outputs is a well proven method to verify your test results but it is laborious and prone to error.This unique solution can save hours.

Unit Testing

Get under the covers and analyse at a program/module level what happens in the database, APIs, parameters, messages and beyond.

We understand

We understand the challenges associated with data masking. So why not reach out to one of our advisers and explore the options available.

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