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Comprehensive end-to-end testing, designed for, and used by business people.

Active manual test capture


Standardized feedback management


Code free A.I. test automation


Salesforce is one of the most popular and successful cloud-delivered business solutions currently available. This application’s nature, and its deployment style through, are often heavily customized through code and configuration. No matter if only one Org is used or multiple, the validation of this vital business continuity system predominantly must be tackled by business users and non-technical staff.
Coupled with its notoriously challenging environment to automate, due to the ever-shifting landscape of objects and forms, this has been outside the remit of most in-house business user testing teams without technical knowledge.


Salesforce Testing - Responsibility

After all, it is the users’ system; that is why we dropped the legacy system at great expense. They should test it; we simply provide the platform!


There is often a mixed attitude from IT teams to this subject. It can vary from IT teams doing some testing to IT doing zero testing and leaving the responsibility solely with the real users:

Lack of business knowledge in the IT team

The lack of business knowledge within the IT team can leave them relying on communications from the business team, to do anything but the most remedial testing.

Salesforce Testing - Understanding processes

Quickly create and share business processes

Before the first automation, script is even built,  TestAssist allows teams to quickly gather and share the required business processes.

Any application

Any application in the full process can be captured, not just limited to Salesforce screens but does cover both the classic and lightening versions.

Easy markups

Simple markups and informational bubbles can be added to the business process capture documentation, all designed for ease of use by non-technical business people

Manual Testing Support


Automatic capture, scripted notes

Simple and intuitive UI, automatic capture, and scripted notes designed to help the tester.

Standardized output - defects raised in real time

Immediate test feedback to the required people. issues can either be triaged or defects can be raised in real time

Salesforce Testing - Easy Automation


With TestDrive, an automation solution that does not rely on programming can be widely used by people with no technical skills. It has patented technology to adapt to change in the same way a user does.

Easy script maintenance

Scripts are easily created and maintained. These assets continue to work regardless of both underlying changes and most visible changes.

Modifications - no problem

Even if you have modified Salesforce with Lightning components, you can still test it automatically with TestDrive.

Salesforce Testing - An Integrated Solution

TestDrive is a vital part of an integrated suite of products that manage IT tasks, QA testing, User Acceptance Testing, resources, business process capture, manual testing, automated testing, and creation of training materials with one simple goal. Ensure that application changes do not adversely affect business operations and can be rolled out as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I have recently purchased TestAssist for manual testing and TestDrive for test automation from Original Software. ...I am using them very successfully. Intuitive to use, visual scripting as opposed to programmatically scripting, self-healing scripts - absolutely brilliant! Original have been pleasant to deal with.... I thoroughly recommend them.

Peter Cliffe, Global Solutions Quality Assurance Manager, Unilever UK Limited

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