Want to change from Micro Focus ALM
or HP QC / HP ALM?

"A better solution with greater productivity and visibility"


Looking for a more modern cost-efficient platform?


40% of the Micro Focus ALM or HP QC / HP ALM installed base customers we surveyed, are looking to move onto a more modern cost-efficient platform.

We want to show you how by using Qualify you can deliver that mission critical software project ahead of time, crisis free and with significant cost savings.

Transition to a better solution is easy. The data migration, configuration and training are completed in days rather than weeks. The QA team will love the additional capabilities and ability to pull together data from all your related platforms

A comprehensive Micro Focus ALM or HP QC / HP ALM alternative

Whilst the standard waterfall approach worked for most in the 1990s, since then a lot of companies have moved on to more modern iterative approaches.

The majority of Micro Focus ALM and HP QC / HP ALM users say they need to do customization’s just to cope, some of which are quite in-depth and needed development that is costly and time consuming.


Maybe it's time to try something different?

A ‘one stop shop’ for all your IT management needs and tracks workflow and documentation all the way from change request to deployment.

An intuitive user interface that is completely customizable, by business users without the need for coding,

Welcome to the more powerful world of Qualify

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