Webinar Document your work processes quickly and accurately

Document your work processes quickly and Accurately Making changes to applications is a bit like navigation. The first thing you need to know is where you are now. There may be multiple reasons you want to get a strong definition of the ‘here and now’ or ‘as-is’ position. Training users. Creating user guides Creating standard […]

From Stravinsky to Yes – Business Process Capture

From Stravinsky to Yes, a new way to do Business Process Capture When Igor Stravinsky wrote the Firebird Suite for its first Parisian performance in 1910, he would never have imagined that 65 years later, Yes, the 1970’s prog/rock band would use it to  open every one of their shows. It’s a wonderful example of […]

Titan Cement Group’s Story


Titan Cement Group’s Story Their Challenge Continuous competitive improvements by implementing new efficiencies throughout the business. A lack of test and project management software was making test auditing and progress reporting difficult. Visibility, traceability, and efficiency of testing were key goals, while the main driver was the ‘1ERP4All’ project to centralize 15 countries on to […]

Oracle EBS Upgrade & Patch Validations

Oracle EBS Upgrade & Patch Validations If your Oracle EBS validation processes are manual, there will be an unreasonable burden of time and effort on your business to replace. Conference room pilots (CRP) and user acceptance testing (UAT) will be labor-intensive and draining. Your EBS users will find it difficult to get away from their […]

SAP Business Process Documentation

SAP Business Process Documentation Upgrades of core operational systems like SAP (ERP) and CRM and so on are long, expensive, and painful. A key reason is that the knowledge of what the system needs to do resides with users in finance, HR, sales, and service, etc. The IT department has to refer to these users […]

Automating Infor M3 User Acceptance Testing


Automate Infor M3 User Acceptance Testing Testing Infor Test Management Test Automation Get started We understand the challenges associated with testing Infor M3 and the sort of problems you may be facing. So why not reach out to one of our advisers and explore the options available. Our clients have reported time and effort savings […]

Business Process Capture

Business Process Capture

Business Process Documentation Its important to be able to document those  end to end processes that span multiple applications. A vendor user guide falls short, lacking the environment specific information that will make it fit for purpose. Here’s an easy way to capture that SME expertise from your savvy business users and turn into into […]

Revolutionize your regression testing like CertainTeed. On-demand Webinar


Revolutionize Your Regression Testing like CertainTeed With  six ERP installations across five countries the IT Director of CertainTeed, a division of St. Gobain, knows what  test automation best practice looks like. Take just 30 minutes to see how this  multi-national corporation effected  a ground breaking approach to regression testing. The result: A repeatable process established […]

CertainTeed’s story

Certainteed regression testing

CertainTeed’s Story A Revolutionary Approach to Regression Testing A high rate of change overwhelming the users In addition to SAP there are numerous integrated applications including Salesforce, Manhattan Associates and Hybris. Changes come thick and fast from multiple sources while overlapping projects from different business units compete for scarce analysis and testing resources. Business users […]

Testing ERP style applications

Testing ERP style Applications

Testing ERP style Applications https://youtu.be/iZqTuntpps0 Test Automation Test Management Regression Testing You may also be interested in