Another day, another election, another test cycle!

When selecting your regression testing and project management solution make sure you have a vote winner Elections are somewhat like Test Regression cycles; they can be a good thing because they make you think, or one would hope they do!  However, when you have been through a few, the risk is your target audience becomes […]

Is your software testing solution a lumbering player or a match winner?

Sport has moved on – has the way you deliver software changed? Anticipating the Rugby World Cup and thinking how much it has changed over the last thirty or so years, I see the similarities between that and the evolution of software testing solutions.  Back then in rugby, we had some big lumbering players, who had little […]

Take a different perspective and try something new

I noticed something this week that got me thinking about how valuable a different perspective can be. We had a new employee join our web development team, and along with that came a noticeable increase in lively discussions, whiteboard sessions and overall office buzz! We already have a team of highly skilled experts, but it […]