We know SAP can be a pain sometimes

Ensure nothing is broken whenever you upgrade and patch your SAP system We know how hard it can be to ensure nothing is broken whenever you upgrade and patch your SAP system. Whether you apply changes weekly, monthly or just occasionally, it takes a great deal of time and effort to make sure everything is […]

A new world of Application Quality Management. Part Two – the Drilldown

A more powerful world of Application Quality Management Part 2 The Drill Down

A New World of Application Quality Management Part Two -The Drilldown In part one we whetted your appetite on the topic “A more powerful world of Application Quality Management”. Now’s your chance to take a more in-depth look at the capabilities and benefits of a modern day AQM solution. This 30-minute drill-down down is hosted […]

Complimentary Qualify Model Consultation from Original Software


The way that we work has changed significantly over the last few weeks, and we’d like to offer our help.  Fortunately, you made a great decision in the past and you already have a solution that can move with the times and adjust to your needs.  If you think that the Qualify model you currently […]

Organize and Manage Testing Activities


Organize and Manage Testing Activities Best practice ALM/AQM calls for an  easy to use means of  organising and managing all  testing activities . This can be a  critical element of  streamlining project sizing and test planning. https://youtu.be/F1UPl85jj7I Test Management Qualify AQM

One ping to rule them all.

“One Ping to rule them all, one Ping to find them, One Ping to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” As we move towards the end times of the current age, where nearly everyone is confined to their Hobbit-Hole in the shire, are you being dragged around by various pings and beeps […]

Luv in the time of Covid-19


Future proofing to ensure business continuity. Don’t worry this isn’t some  Gabriel García Márquez* rehash, it is about how flexible and prepared companies are for the current economic situation. Nobody is sure of the outcome, will this be a L type where we dip and then head towards prolonged depression, a U where there is […]

Ageas’s Story

Ageas’s Story How Ageas 50 lifted its sales and administration productivity Read the story Manual Testing Test Automation Test Management

IT Director shares success story in tackling a significant upgrade

Delivering Confidence Facing a major upgrade – in this particular case jumping four versions of Infor M3 to 13.4, would be a daunting project for most companies. Doing that with a team a quarter of the size available at implementation and you have a significant project on your hands. This was the challenge facing Reynolds […]

Ditching Quality Center? You Qualify for something so much better.

Ditching Quality Center? You Qualify for something so much better. Thinking about ditching the old HP Quality Center? Lots of organizations are. It’s antiquated, clunky, never was very good, and now thanks to Micro Focus, it expensive to keep using. Take a big step up to Original Software’s Qualify. It’s super flexible, intuitive, powerful, and will […]