Webinar: Successful TestOps with business-driven automation

Webinar Successful TestOps with business driven automation Learn how all team members can contribute to ensuring successful quality assurance whether in development, testing, production, or in support of continuous delivery. The new discipline of TestOps is focused on ensuring that managed testing processes are scalable while optimizing delivery speed and quality. As this crosses the […]

Confident about your next ERP upgrade?

Man in bed with pillow over head looking distraught .Confident-about-your-next-ERP-upgrade

Confident about your next ERP upgrade? Or does the thought of it give you sleepless nights. Are you confident about updating your business applications? I don’t blame you. You are not alone. Most businesses are reluctant to update their core applications, such as ERP and CRM systems, so struggle to respond and move forward with […]

Webinar: The road to test automation

How to navigate it quickly, smoothly, and gain early ROI Regression testing getting you down – not enough staff or time to do the job properly? Technical automation too difficult or requires huge amounts of maintenance to keep running? Risk based strategies pushing the actual risk to the limit? The answer seems obvious – use test automation. […]

Webinar: What killed regression testing

hat killed regression testing

How to have fool-proof, high coverage regression testing on demand Once viewed as the panacea of all testing, automation can quickly fail and become a burden that teams are forced to drop. This is costly and also puts off teams from trying again with newer, designed-to-work, systems that can deliver on the original promises given […]

Indec Casestudy

INDEC’s story Download pdf Saint-Gobain is present in 70 countries with more than 167 000 employees. INDEC – an International Centre of Excellence was established in Mumbai to provide IT solutions and services to the Group globally. So, they need to ensure their internal systems are always running at peak performance. Ashish Thakur, Senior Automation […]

100% Regression Testing


100% Regression Testing Your ERP runs your business, but when it changes how can you be sure it still works. https://youtu.be/QfGTFZEdP4k Regression testing You may also be interested in.

Revolutionize your regression testing like CertainTeed. On-demand Webinar


Revolutionize Your Regression Testing like CertainTeed With  six ERP installations across five countries the IT Director of CertainTeed, a division of St. Gobain, knows what  test automation best practice looks like. Take just 30 minutes to see how this  multi-national corporation effected  a ground breaking approach to regression testing. The result: A repeatable process established […]

Solutions in Action: Automated Regression Testing

olutions in Action - Automated Regression Testing (1)

Automated Regression Testing This video on how to automate regression testing, accelerate quality processes and increase test coverage addresses: What’s involved? Why is this better? Can it be maintained? Can it be used on other applications?  https://youtu.be/Z4uUKXXzoVo Test Automation Regression Testing