Ditching Quality Center?

Replacing HP Quality Centre

Replacing Quality Center? Take a big step up to Original Software’s Qualify. It’s super flexible, intuitive, powerful, and will do exactly what you want it to do for ultimate test management. https://youtu.be/JgMwiCZUJrk Test Management Qualify AQM Book a consultation You may also be interested in

Solve the regression testing challenge to deliver business continuity and peace of mind

Original-Software=Solving the regression testing challenge

Solve the Regression Testing Challenge Deliver business continuity and peace of mind Security from something bad hitting production comes from multiple levels of testing, but in the end proper Regression Testing is the most comprehensive form of protection.When you have fully understood and assessed the actual impact of every change and you know there is […]

ViaSat’s story


ViaSat’s story ViaSat lowers the risk of change in the eyes of management, auditors and regulators. ViaSat ensures SOX compliance, streamlines Oracle EBS R12 upgrade When ViaSat, Inc., a publicly traded satellite and digital communications company,approached the impending upgrade of its Oracle E-Business Suite to version R12,management took a sweeping, forward-looking approach to testing befitting […]

Ageas’s Story

Ageas’s Story How Ageas 50 lifted its sales and administration productivity Read the story Manual Testing Test Automation Test Management