IBM i Data Validation – find out what is really going on under the covers

IBM i applications are rich in database activity and much of that processing is performed by APIs or batch processes that do not have any form of user interface. Given the damage that a poorly written program can inflict on this key corporate asset, validating that every database activity is correct is difficult and IBM […]

Superman’s heat vision for IBM i.

Like Superman’s heat vision, Burn away the impacts of a test run. Reset the data before it corrupts future test results. Flung from the planet Krypton just before it was destroyed, Superman landed in the mid-west of the USA and quickly learned to grow into his superpowers. With its US headquarters in Chicago, Original Software […]

Spiderman and IBM i. A superhero’s approach to agile testing

Spiderman and IBMi. A Superhero’s approach to agile testing. Is validating your iSeries applications starting to get sticky? Are you swinging from pillar to post just to keep on top of things? Then Original Software’s TestBench, with the help of some Spiderman powers, can make a difference. To ensure an IBMi application is functioning correctly […]

IBM i Data Validation – like Having Super Hero X-Ray Vision.

Test Data solved in four steps 1. Extract, 2. Scramble, 3. Verify, 4. Roll-back So far we’ve talked about – 1. Extracting & Subsetting, and 2. Scrambling or Obfuscation to create good secure test data.  But what do you do when it comes to testing the data itself?   Often IBM i applications are substantially made […]