Nonprofit organization slashes 50% off UAT testing time


Nonprofit organization slashes UAT testing time by 50% Introducing Original Software automated testing and UAT with their bespoke Salesforce application brings significant benefits to a major US-based nonprofit organization and charity The nonprofit organization had several reasons to reach out to Original Software to get help with their solutions. Primarily, to address their chaotic relationship […]

Ageas Casestudy

Ageas’s story The Challenge The UK insurance market has been described as one of the most fiercely competitive globally. In that competitive environment – with all the regulatory and technological complexity that comes with it – implementing new applications has become even riskier.A fact that Ageas knows all too well. Their core sales and administration […]

Capital One Casestudy

Capital One’s Story Capital One save 75% of testing time Ground-breaking solution used to guarantee key finance applications Finance giant Capital One planned a major upgrade to its middleware suite. This mission-critical layer supports key systems for online credit card and loan applications, as well as customer service functions. Capital One set an aggressive timeframe […]

Vermont Information Processing Casestudy

Vermont Information Processing’s Story A software testing center of excellence with happy customers With the help of Original Software solutions and a much more robust approach to software quality, VIP has completely turned around its QA process and overcome its customers’ cautious attitudes. The company has now transformed into a software testing center of excellence […]

Webinar: The road to test automation

How to navigate it quickly, smoothly, and gain early ROI Regression testing getting you down – not enough staff or time to do the job properly? Technical automation too difficult or requires huge amounts of maintenance to keep running? Risk based strategies pushing the actual risk to the limit? The answer seems obvious – use test automation. […]

Webinar: What killed regression testing

hat killed regression testing

How to have fool-proof, high coverage regression testing on demand Once viewed as the panacea of all testing, automation can quickly fail and become a burden that teams are forced to drop. This is costly and also puts off teams from trying again with newer, designed-to-work, systems that can deliver on the original promises given […]

Indec Casestudy

INDEC’s story Download pdf Saint-Gobain is present in 70 countries with more than 167 000 employees. INDEC – an International Centre of Excellence was established in Mumbai to provide IT solutions and services to the Group globally. So, they need to ensure their internal systems are always running at peak performance. Ashish Thakur, Senior Automation […]

Macerich’s story

Macerich’s story Macerich ensures safe delivery of its Oracle EBS R12 upgrade with Original Software Macerich, one of the leading owner/operators of US retail properties for the last 50 years, faced a sweeping upgrade of its ERP system. The daunting task of migrating from Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R11 to version R12 was the responsibility […]

TestDrive 2.0


TestDrive 2.0 Simply the fastest code-free test automation tool on the planet How do you make the most innovative test automation product ever built, even better? A.I. Object recognition & simplification Learn more Patented Self-healing script maintenance Learn more Human visionannotation Learn more Patented Automatic synchronization Learn more Out-of-the-box full regression testing Learn more One […]

Fast test automation over web and green screen

Original Software What makes TestDrive superior

Test Automation over web and green screen 100% code-free testing checking every element of every screen. A quick demonstration of how easy it is to perform a multiple UI automated test with TestDrive. Test 4x faster with TestDrive