Test Automation

100% code-free. No need for specialist programmers

Create scripts 3-4 X faster


Zero bugs reach production


One stop test automation



Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands

Test Automation Success at Edrington

How Edrington successfully automated their testing processes, enabling a modernization that effected more change in twelve months than had taken place in the previous ten to twenty years.

Deliver Efficiency

Code-free and defect-free

Our code-less testing solutions deliver efficiency in time savings, reduced effort and supported defect free go-lives.  Your Quality Assurance, IT and User Testing teams can ensure everything works perfectly before it is rolled out. 


Zero bugs reaching production

Check every element of every screen

No need to specify what to check, TestDrive automatically checks everything

Identify every meaningful change

It's the unexpected changes that catch you out

One stop test automation

Any browser

Record over Chrome, playback over Firefox etc. without the need to recreate the script, including single page 'Ajax' applicatons

Any application

Test over any application whether cloud, browser, green screen, Windows GUI, Java, SAP, Salesforce or even a bespoke solution.

Complete end-to-end testing

A single test can embrace multiple applications and technologies enabling you to have a complete end to end scenario and check each step in a business process along the way.


How Original Software helped Ageas

The Story

Ageas UK is a provider of Personal and Commercial insurance in the UK, employing around 3000 people with offices nationwide.  With an increasingly complex application portfolio, there was a need to improve the quality of delivery. Hiring additional employees was not an option.

How Original Software helped

Ageas  has been able to set up efficient, scalable testing that has significantly improved both IT productivity and user productivity. Across the application portfolio – from business intelligence, the marketing database, to accounts and agent systems – the benefits are felt.

Key Benefits

Post deployment issues reduced by over 94%


Test efficiency rose 125% in the first year


Significantly improved IT and user productivity


Greater visibility & reporting capability


"The tools from Original Software were head and shoulders above the rest. The functionality was extremely powerful, and there was no need for programming at any stage."

Chris Andrews QA Manager Ageas

A Test Automation Checklist

New to test automation? Here’s a handy  reminder of the key points to consider.


Testing 4X faster across all applications


No need for programming skills Playback timing, screenshots, analysis of all the visible and invisible screen elements are all handled automatically

One Script, Many Browsers

Cross-browser testing over any browser at the click of a button, without the need to re-create, including over single-page ‘Ajax’ applications.

Complete End-to end Testing

A single test can embrace multiple applications and technologies whether cloud, browser, green screen, Windows GUI, Java, SAP, Salesforce

Out Of The Box Regression Testing

Grown up regression testing checking every element of every screen- identifying all changes, including the unexpected ones.

Human Vision Annotation

Patented user annotation thinks like a user does. Technical changes will not break it.

Minimal Script Maintenance

Self-Healing takes you through inserting the new input or action while the script runs and adapts to the latest version.

Automatic Synchronization

Ignore application response times. Synchronization errors are a thing of the past, even over single pages web apps.

A.I. Object Recognition & Simplification

Your view of the application content is not cluttered with irrelevant components

We understand

We understand the challenges associated with test automation. So why not reach out to one of our advisers and explore the options available.

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