Infor M3 Testing

The tools provided by Original Software ensured we were able to meet our tight testing deadlines during our ERP upgrade process.

Can your Infor M3 upgrades be completed fast, efficiently, and without disrupting ongoing business operations?

Can you make a case for upgrading to the next major release in terms of value to the business, so you get the commitment and budget you need to move forward? 

To get a “yes” answer to these questions, you need to be able to validate that the applications running on M3 will support your business exactly as required, free of defects and free of business disruption.

”The test tools provided by Original Software ensured we were able to meet our tight testing deadlines during our ERP upgrade process. They have been very responsive to our requests and special needs”

Test Manager - Manufacturing Industry

Partnerships to help validate and test Infor M3

This validation, or testing, is a massive part of any M3 implementation, upgrade or patch. Our solutions halve the time of testing, reduce your project cost, and ensure you are ready on time or before. We are pleased to be in partnership with Merit, Infor’s consultancy arm, Anthesis and Leanswift. All of which are Infor partners, who are adopting Original Software solutions for their customer implementations.

Documenting Infor M3 Work Processes

You may already be on the latest version or considering upgrading from a prior version of Infor M3, Lawson or Movex. Whatever your situation, understanding how your business uses the application is vital.

Qualify Documenter captures how people use the application, providing a library for future reference.


Patching and upgrading Infor M3

Use your process documentation library to focus your testing on the areas of M3 that are important to the business. Qualify Assist will create test evidence and provide automatic feedback of any issues raised.

Implementing Infor M3

If you are new to M3 and are implementing, or about to implement, Qualify AQM will provide you with the perfect platform for managing the effort. It enables you to see who is doing what and when, and what the progress is.

These solutions will save enormous amounts of time (our customers report up to a 70% saving in the validation, or testing, phase) enabling you to deliver the project on time and in budget.


What about the future of Infor M3?

Once you know how the business leverages M3 and have details of how it is used, you can start to automate large pieces of your testing using TestDrive.

This means that you can implement patches and upgrades faster, cheaper, and more confidently, providing greater value to the business.

Our solutions

Test Management

Test Automation

Manual Testing

User Acceptance Tests

Infor M3 and CloudSuite Webinar. Managing displaced testing resources efficiently

Managing work across recently dispersed teams is a new challenge for many. This is especially true of testing activities that require detailed two-way communication. Work on maintaining systems must go on and maybe under increased pressure from the current economic and organizational challenges. So how do you help remote staff do their jobs effectively?

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