UAT Product Features

Understand the details of the functionality available to you for the ultimate UAT experience. Ensure that UAT is no longer a burden to your team, but a rewarding experience to participate in.

These UAT product features will help them to deliver true end to end testing and multiple ways to inject ideas into the application build, whilst enjoying a global support network and cost-effectiveness!


UAT Product Features Explained

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Capture business process

Easily capture existing business processes to improve application documentation. Post capture enhancements and highlights help provide user and training guides/videos.

Technology agnostic

Capture processes in any application whether it presented in a browser, in a desktop application or even 3270/5250 'green-screen'.

Designed for end-to-end multi-app user

Designed for end-users and user acceptance testers, seamlessly move between multiple applications, including the MS Office suite, and capture the full end-to-end process.

Post creation amendments & mark-ups

Process capture can be amended and enhanced, with comments and screen mark-ups, after capture to make the documentation more meaningful.

Multi-output formats

Outputs can be saved in Word pdf and animation formats to produce training guides

Centralized result repository

Documentation can be shared instantaneously with all interested parties.

User Level Security

A role-based security model is a fundamental part with a full range of accumulated permissions. Integration with LDAP is fully supported so existing user data can be simply extended.​

Web management platform

Simple to set up and utilize, the web portal allows visibility, management, ease of use, and workflow control over the UAT phase

Feedback analysis & triage

Improve your issue and defect management by gathering feedback, both positive as well as negative. Analyse and triage feedback prior to raising defects.

Survey capture

Expand the information received from your tester community by surveying your business users prior to release. This allows for greater situational visibility helping towards a more accurate go live decision.

Workflow control

It is essential that key steps in your quality processes are controlled and can only be passed by the appropriate users. Qualify provides all this and more, enabling rules to be set as to the critical data that must be stored at each step in the process combined with a complete audit trail.

To-do list

To Do Lists provide each user with an 'at-a-glance' view of work that is allocated to them.

Full test asset repository

In a single repository that provides visibility and traceability, it is important to have the ability to store and manage everything related to testing. This may include change requests and requirements, through to executed test results and defects.

Defect management

Manage your defects in the same place that you manage your testing. Qualify provides a complete defect management solution.

Simple reporting & dashboard

Reports and Dashboards are simple to create, enabling you to provide all the Management Information you, and others, require.

PMO function

A comprehensive solution for your Project Management Office, supporting high-level planning and resourcing tasks.

PMO function

Enjoy a powerful view of your work in progress, (optionally including time-sheet data), allocated tasks and forward projects – highlighting areas of potential contention and endangered dead-lines so that you can balance and re-assign your resources as needed.

Planning board

A graphical overview of your high-level and detailed planning, making it easy to monitor progress and highlight potential bottlenecks.

Requirements management

A comprehensive requirements management capability, from change requests to functional and technical specification and design documentation. Theses are linked through to the testing job and can be tracked to show full end to end traceability.

Process mining function

Use data gathered from Process Documentation and User Acceptance Testing to gain a complete understanding of how your applications are used and to aid with mapping critical paths.

Multi-development methodology

Use predefined application models out of the box or tune to your needs. Or create your own applications that exactly reflect your processes and storage requirements.

Map agile, waterfall or hybrid methodologies that can be used concurrently to reflect the needs of legacy and new developments.

Integration with Jira/DevOps

Link with, create, amend, and display information held within point solutions such as Microsoft TFS and JIRA. As well as giving a single integrated view of corporate data, this can then be analyzed, graphed and reported on.

For customers moving to Qualify from spreadsheets and documents or legacy test management products such as QC/ALM, we provide a powerful data import capability that minimizes the data conversion process.

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