Can your user acceptance testing (UAT) match the pace of your cloudification plans? Or is it killing them – and your business? Our solution makes UAT fast, effective, and painless.

Most of the big initiatives you are working on right now, like moving key applications into the cloud, are increasing the amount of testing your team needs to do on your key applications. Especially user acceptance testing, or UAT.

Your team is doing UAT to the best of their ability. But it may alarm you to know that the way most businesses run UAT is inefficient, slow, expensive, and could derail your strategic initiatives. Gulp.

If you can improve the way your organization does UAT, you’ll find that you can test new updates to your ERP, third-party integrations, or whatever software you use to run your business, much faster. And much more efficiently. AND with fewer bugs slipping through into your live environment. All for less than it costs right now.

So, you can get on with the big things, confident that your business won’t stop working because of a botched update.


Get your exclusive UAT kit

Want to understand how your current UAT setup compares with industry best practice? Our benchmarking kit helps you see what you’re doing right, and what could be improved.

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Why does poor UAT matter?

Your cloud migration gets stormy

Migrating your ERP to the cloud means that updates will rise in frequency whether you want them to or not – and you need to test every update. Poor UAT delays this process, holding the business back or forcing people into risky workarounds.

It’s a major cost centre

UAT ties up your business users, which is very costly – especially if your tests are inefficient and so take a long time. Anyone looking at cost reduction should be looking at their UAT processes.

It can introduce new risks

Poorly executed UAT can introduce bugs into your live environment – which could make you vulnerable to cyber-attacks, or cause your operations to come grinding to a halt, costing millions.

It takes the great out of integrations

Third-party integrations are everywhere now. But they increase the testing burden – and if your UAT can’t keep up, your operations will suffer, and users will be peeved.

It kills agility

Bad UAT is slow, delaying updates and slowing your operations. In a world where agility is key to success, UAT has to support, not hinder, your organization’s efforts.

Discover UAT from
Original Software

If your UAT processes are more “nooo” than “wooo,” then we can help you.

We enable end-to-end UAT across...

...and any browser-based cloud application,
windows GUI, or bespoke Java application.

Whatever your business runs on, we can help you:

Speed up cycle times

Our customers have seen their testing time halve by working with us. Faster cycles mean you can handle more updates smoothly, reduce the business impact of UAT, and support overall enterprise agility.

Reduce testing costs

Our solution helps you make better use of your business users’ time, reducing the time and cost of their involvement. Your IT team are also freed up to focus on other activities, reducing the cost of their involvement.

Mitigate the risk of downtime

Our processes ensure that no bugs or issues slip through your testing into production, so you can keep the business running as it should.

Test across multiple applications

Our solution effortlessly handles tests involving multiple applications – perfect for testing processes using integrations with third-party apps

How does it work?

Our UAT solution replaces all the emails, screenshots and spreadsheets that you use to keep track of your testing. Here’s what happens:

Why work with us
for your UAT?

We’re the leaders in UAT

There are very few organizations out there that offer a solution to help you manage UAT better. Of those, we’re the only one who can help you manage the whole process, end-to-end.

We work with any system

Whether your business runs on Infor, SAP, your own custom Java applications, or a cloud-based SaaS solution, our UAT solution will work for you. That means our solution can be used even as you continue to evolve, adopt new systems, and migrate to the cloud.

We’re easy to work with

We’ve built our UAT solution to be highly intuitive, so business users can be trained in minutes. The way our solution shows you feedback and test statuses is also very easy to digest, so you can forget scrolling through endless spreadsheets to find the information you want.

We deliver proven results

Our customers have reported time and effort savings of 60% using our solution. Every deployment of our UAT solution has made testing faster and more efficient for clients.

We upped our game with Original Software. We aligned IT with the business, and now we deliver faster and with much better quality. There’s no doubt that the level of satisfaction has increased tremendously. It’s like a wall has come down.

John Osborne

Head of IT

In speeding up and streamlining our testing processes, Original Software has helped improve the productivity of our IT and business teams by reducing the time required for testing. Original Software has turned out to be among the top five best application purchasing decisions we’ve ever made.

J.P. Jones

Senior Vice President,
Chief Information Officer

Great product and easy to use. This is an awesome company to work with. They always respond to questions or issues and are very open to ideas and suggestions. To say their customer support is excellent does not even begin to summarize how wonderful they are. This is by far the best company I have worked with regarding service and support.

Quality Assurance Testing Analyst

Retail Industry

Get your exclusive UAT kit

Want to understand how your current UAT setup compares with industry best practice? Our benchmarking kit helps you see what you’re doing right, and what could be improved.

In the kit:

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